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So here I am. Looking from the window, as the sun is slowly descending. Everything seems beautiful. The short time I have spent here flashes before my eyes. I remember all the smiles I have shared, the good times I have spent, and all the things that made my day.

The noise is fading away, as it’s getting darker and darker. I am feeling nostalgic already. I don’t know if I want to stay any longer, I don’t even know if it matters. All I know is that I miss home; I miss home with all its imperfections, and it’s so far from being perfect.

I am happy I have not taken this place for granted; I cherish every moment I have stayed here, knowing that it is far from eternal. I have always expected a lot from people, and they have always let me down. It’s my fault setting high expectations, not theirs; and that I understand. It is very sad how we only want the things that we cannot have. But if we stop thinking of what we have and what we don’t, we may find happiness in giving instead of having.

I hate goodbyes. Lets just not make a big deal out of it shall we? But who am I kidding; goodbyes are goodbyes. But let’s just not worry of what we are about to lose, and cherish this moment we have. Let’s just not take this moment for granted, because for now, its all what we have.





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